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FrogLube Premium CLP

RMC accusporter flintlock rifle is all American made with all American made parts.

It features a Green Mountain barrel , L&R lock with hardened frizzen , a laminated wood stock , stainless steel removable breech plug , EC load system -relieved muzzle for starting the bullet , a unique bolt system in place of a wedge pin , and the lock is fit to the barrel and aligned with the touch hole to prevent powder loss and give faster reliable ignition.

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Rightnour Mfg. manufactures RMC Muzzleloading & Ox-Yoke Originals gun cleaning, gun care, & shooting products.  We have been in business for over 25 years producing quality American made muzzleloading & blackpowder accessories, supplies, cleaning and shooting products.

Christmas Specials

November 24- December 31, 2014

All orders $25 or more (before shipping) will recieve a free 100/pk of 2 1/2" X2 1/2" square patches and a set of 50 cal Bore brush and Cotton swab set

All RMC Accusporter purchases during this time will recieve a FREE Starter kit including:

*Rugged rod ball starter  *pan charger *2 oz tube of wonder lube *50 Cal bore brush and swab

*extra 3/4 " English flint and leather* 100 pk of 2 1/2" cleaning patches


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