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Mossy Oak Camo Traditions® Ultralight PA Pellet™ Flintlock (R3890516)

The Camo Traditions® PA Pellet™ Ultralight Flintlock is loaded with features as the updated version of Traditions most popular hunting flintlock. The PA Pellet™ Ultralight is the only flintlock muzzleloader capable of firing both loose powder and easy-to-use pellets thanks to the addition of the removable Accelerator Breech Plug. The breech plug allows for an incredibly consistent in-line ignition, and removing the rear breech plug makes cleaning the flintlock as easy as with modern in-lines. 

The Mossy Oak Camo Traditions® Ultralight PA Pellet™ Flintlock is not your typical flintlock. The 26” fluted Nitride™ barrel is equipped with Williams™ fiber optic metal sights, and aluminum ramrod with brass loading jag features a premium blued finish as well. A stronger, improved hardened frizzen produces a solid, dependable spark and ignition. A Mossy Oak™ camo soft-touch synthetic stock, solid aluminum ramrod and sling swivel studs are included. 

The Nitride corrosion protection makes the PA Pellet Ultralight the closest thing to a “corrosion-proof“ muzzleloader that has ever been developed. Nitride finish technology, known as Salt Bath Nitride, is used to treat the barrel. Already available in military applications, the nitride process hardens the outer layer of steel, making it both more durable and corrosion-resistant than chrome, which was previously the highest standard in bore-toughening techniques. Unlike exterior ceramic coatings, the nitride process penetrates both the outside and inside of the barrel, and can withstand thousands of shots.

Traditions™ continues to make using a Flintlock easy with better spark and more consistent ignition. Cleaning is simple too. Just remove the rear breech plug, and cleaning becomes a snap, so you can enjoy more of your time shooting or hunting.

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